INTEC NAuthor – die komplette E-Learning-Lösung

online-teaching via WTDS, World wide Learning with web training development system

Online Teaching via WTDS, World wide Learning with web training development system, As we progress from an industrial age into the information age, a primarily knowledge-driven economy has created workplace in which working and learning are increasingly the same activity.

INTEC's 'Web Training Development System (WTDS) has been created to help organizations meet this demand for learning as an integral part of human resource development.

Web based or online training is an ideal vehicle for delivering training to individuals anywhere in the world at any time.

It is the next step forward from the current implementations of CD-driven computer-based training (CBT) systems and saves costs of travelling to training facilities as well as upgradation costs.
WTDS provides you with a media-rich training facility capable of evaluation, adaptation, all independent of your computer platform. It would allow you to present live content, as fresh as the moment and modified at will, in a structure allowing self-directed, self-paced instruction, in any topic.

Companies and institutions can use this system to design and create their own courses and training programs without any prior programming knowledge.