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wtds, web training development System

1. General Technology
The WTDS Product Package is a new generation of products allowing registered users to independently create customized training programs without any prior knowledge of programming.
The following courses are offered in an INTERNET / INTRANET / or local (CD) environment where only a browser is needed for runtime.
Special Compression/conversion technologies as well as streaming, threading and framing and other new technologies are used to provide the best performance also for a slow WEB SPEED (down to the usage of a 56K Modem).
The Off-line Course Generator allows a user to create custom off-line courses for use where there is no WEB or Network available. (just run it on your local drive or from CD)
ASP Service Solutions (Application Service Provider) by INTEC allows the creation and offering of courseware without initial investments for expensive web servers and their continuous high bandwidth connection. Users may build an accounting system to offer a monthly account to create invoices and/or billing for non free courses.
The Enterprise Version allows companies using their own web server to create custom course development and to offer these courses to their employees or the public through the World Wide Web or the Intranet, as well as in combination with the Offline Course Generator, Runtime on CD, or on a local hard drive.

General Features of the WTDS (Web Training Developer Package)
All development in WTDS is online with a web server and can be done from any location using the WTDS developer's license.
Based on the speed of a web server, a Relational Database is holding all objects used in the courses developed with the WTDS.
Developers are allowed to query by match code on all objects through a HTTP connection, regardless if the object is an image, sound file, animation etc. ( Its easy to find existing objects for exchanging/updating or reusing them in other courses ) A special compression/decompression technology allows the developer to down size the object and retrieve information regarding speed of the training pages for a given transfer rate.
Also, the original data from the object can be stored for use in an intranet/high speed net-work without compression/decompression. A user may access local objects directly from a local hard disk, i.e. pictures from a camera,
sound files, etc. These may be uploaded as objects to the Course Database by using just a standard browser.